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MOSTLY BAMBOO (English Version)

This book is written in English (Soft Cover). Please do not worry, "MOSTLY BAMBOO" is a 100% English book! 

This is a book unveiling the secret of eighteen fly rod makers in Japan. Even though the high-quality fly rods are being made in Japan these days, Japanese fly rod makers are less known to non-Japanese fly fishers only because there is little information available. Most Japanese fly rod manufacturers, especially bamboo rod makers, are not even small businesses, but rather an artist who does not care about the marketing. They are not like Orvis and Hardy which want to provide product information worldwide. This book takes readers on a journey through the manufacturing process of bamboo rods, fiberglass rods, and graphite rods, and presents information on the materials, methods of manufacturing, and how the manufacturers use the rods in the fishing field. The author's side story, in which he discusses his ideal fly rod, sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, is a delightful read and will be of great interest to every fly fishers the world.

MOSTLY BAMBOO (English Version)

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